DOS and WIndows - All Versions

  1. Drive Letters and Partitioning your Hard Disk
    How drive letters are allocated.
  2. About File Systems
    Some information about the file systems that you can use with DOS and Windows.
  3. How to Hide a Filename
    How to hide files in DOS and Windows.
  4. ASCII Character Chart
    ASCII values for displayable characters.
  5. Microsoft Desktop Lifecycle Guidelines
    Microsoft only support their software for so long but their licence allows you to keep running it forever.
  6. Multiple Drive Letters on a Single Drive
    How many drive letters can you have on one hard drive?
  7. Special Symbols
    How to enter special symbols into your documents.
  8. Unconditional Format
    How to enter special symbols into your documents.
  9. Which is the Active Window?
    How to ensure your format can't be undone.

If you have a different DOS or Windows question please ask Felgall.

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