DOS and Windows Command Line

  1. DOS Command Reference
    A complete list of all of the DOS commands and which versions of DOS they apply to.
  2. DOS Error Code Descriptions
    A list of DOS error codes and what they mean.
  3. Where can I get a copy of DOS?
    When only a real copy of DOS will do, where can you find one."
  4. CD ROM Support in DOS
    Installing support for a cd rom in DOS.
  5. Printing to a Serial Port from DOS
    How to configure a serial port printer in a DOS window.
  6. Changing Comm Port Parameters
    How to change individual comm port parameters without resetting the baud rate at the same time.
  7. Parameters in Batch Files
    How to pass parameters to batch files.
  8. Printing via Sneakernet
    How to create documents on one computer and print them from a separate non-networked computer.
  9. Multiple Parameters in Batch Files
    Processing as many parameters as you want in batch files.
  10. Hiding Folders
    Renaming folders so they can't be accessed.
  11. Unconditional Format
    Wiping a disk so that it can't be unformatted.
  12. Network Printers and DOS
    How do you get an old DOS computer to write to a network printer.
  13. DOS and Windows XP
    Windows XP does not run DOS.

If you have a different DOS or Windows Command Line question please ask Felgall.

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