Windows 95/98/SE/ME

  1. How do I do a clean reinstall of Windows?
    Reinstalling Windows. You can also use this process to upgrade from one version of windows to another.
  2. Program Associations.
    How to associate your data files with the appropriate application.
  3. How big is my hard disk?
    Finding out how large your hard drive really is.
  4. Getting rid of the Password Screen
    How to remove the password screen on computers not connected to a network.
  5. Cleaning up Without Reinstalling Windows
    Improving your system performance without reinstalling the operating system.
  6. A Hidden Windows Configuration File
    Some hidden configuration informatioon you may want to update.
  7. Selecting More than One File
    How to select several files to be processed all at once.
  8. Adding Notepad to the 'Send To' Menu
    Updating the Send To menu to add an option to open any file in Notepad.
  9. Multiple Configurations using the Password Screen
    How you can use the Windows password screen to preset several different configurations.
  10. Why do I Only Have 16 Colours in Windows?
    How to install the correct driver to fix your colour problems.
  11. Undeleting All Files of a Specific Size
    How to recover a file of a specific size from the recycle bin.
  12. Using the Windows Key on your Keyboard
    Special keyboard shortcuts using the windows key.
  13. Assigning a Different Drive Letter to the CD ROM Drive
    How to assign the drive letter of your choice to your CD ROM drive.
  14. Locking Your Desktop
    How to stop someone you allowed to use your computer from stuffing up your configuration.
  15. Customizing Explorer
    You can customize Windows Explorer to work the way you want.
  16. Changing Your Registration Details
    How to change the registration details stored in the registry.
  17. Closing Parent Windows
    When you open each folder in a separate window you may want to close them all at once. Here's how.
  18. Changing the Default Data Folder
    How to change the default folder that comes up when you select to open a file.
  19. Which File Contains my Data?
    How to find the file that your program uses to store its data.
  20. Drive Letters and Hard Drives
    How windows assigns the drive letters to your hard drives and partitions.
  21. Permanently Hidden Taskbar
    How to get back a task bar that has disappeared.
  22. Resolving Hardware Problems
    How to find hardware conflicts and resolve them.
  23. Windows can't see my new hard drive
    How to install a file system on your hard drive.
  24. Hiding Your Screen
    How to configure your screen saver to activate from a keyboard shortcut.
  25. Forgotten Password Fix
    How to fix your windows access when you've forgotten your password.
  26. Reducing the Width of your Scrollbars
    How to make your scrollbars the width you want them to be.
  27. System File Checker
    How to repair system files and resolve version incompatibilities.
  28. Downloading Windows Updates
    How to retrieve the updates so that you don't have to download them again to reapply them.
  29. Spyware Removal Software Can Destroy Windows
    A warning for you about how a Spyware program can destroy your access to Windows.
  30. My Taskbar is Gone
    How to get the taskbar back if it is completely missing.
  31. Reorganizing the Start Menu
    Organising the programs in the Start Menu can make it easier to use.
  32. Removing Programs from the System Tray
    How to remove programs that run in the system tray.
  33. Downloading Files
    How to reset the flag to allow online files to be downloaded.
  34. I Don't Have a Driver for my Printer
    What to do if you have lost the disk containing your printer driver.
  35. Deleting from Recycled
    Why files deleted from the recycled folder reappear.
  36. Backup and Restore the Registry
    How to fix some problems with the registry.
  37. Using Scraps
    An alternative to the clipboard.
  38. Enforcing Valid Logins
    Partial security on Windows 95/98/ME
  39. Defragmenter
    Defrag your drive to improve performance.
  40. Viewing Hidden Files
    How to make hidden files visible.
  41. Hard Disk Size
    How big a hard disk can I use.
  42. Reinstalling an Upgrade
    Reinstalling an upgrade operating system without having to install the prior version.
  43. Delete on Startup
    How can I delete the content of a folder on my computer during startup?
  44. Separate Application Data
    Using separate logons to store separate application data.
  45. Remove Unlisted Program
    How to uninstall a program not listed under Add/Remove
  46. Default Program
    How to set a default program to run for unknown file types
  47. Moving "My Documents"
    How to move the my documents folder to a different location.
  48. Turning off Floppy Drive Search
    Telling Windows not to search for new floppy drives each time you boot.
  49. Change the Default Entry in the Context Menu
    How to change the default entry in the context menu.
  50. Printing
    There is more than one way to print from most applications and if one or more ways are not offered then there should still be at least one way that works.
  51. Completely Hidden File Extensions
    Some extensions remain hidden even when you select to show all extensions.
  52. Troubleshooters
    Use the Windows 98 Troubleshooter Wizards to help you fix your computer problems.
  53. Similar Fonts
    How to find other fonts on your system that are similar to a selected one.
  54. Personal Web Pages
    How to install "Personal Web Pages", the web server for Windows 98.
  55. Delete to Trash
    Where do entries deleted via the delete key go.
  56. MBR and Reinstall
    What happens to the master boot record when you reinstall windows.
  57. Defrag Keeps Restarting
    How to get defrag to run to completion.
  58. Can Not Print After Installing New Printer
    Steps to installing a new printer.
  59. The Spooler
    What is the spooler?
  60. Screensaver and Defrag Incompatibility
    Defrag keeps restarting - interference from the screensaver
  61. Incompatible With Windows
    A DOS program may require a significant rewrite to be able to access the computer hardware on a Windows system
  62. The Way I Want It
    How to stop others using the same computer from changing your settings.
  63. DOS and Windows
    How to change DOS programs so they will run on Windows.
  64. Starting Over
    Cleaning off the computer to start fresh.
  65. Disable Password
    What to do when you've forgotten the password.
  66. Open on Startup
    How to get a document to always open when the computer starts up.

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