Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8 Installation

  1. Running multiple Operating Systems with Windows NT
    Running NT/2000/XP on the same computer as other operating systems.
  2. How to Install HPFS support
    Installing support for the OS/2 drive format - HPFS - on windows NT 4
  3. Disabling the CD-ROM Autoplay
    How to disable autoplay in windows NT.
  4. Installing on a large hard drive (>8Gb)
    How to obtain and install the patch that allows Windows NT to be installed on larger hard drives.
  5. Installing USB support in Windows NT
    Getting some USB devices to work with Windows NT is possible.
  6. Poweroff on Shutdown in Windows NT
    Obtaining and installing the patch that allows NT to powerdown the computer when you shut down.
  7. Installing the NetBEUI Protocol on Windows XP
    XP defaults to TCP/IP networking. Here's what to do if you need netBEUI instead.
  8. Repairing Windows NT
    How to run the repair option to try to fix a corrupted NT system.
  9. Upgrading from ME to 2000
    How to switch from running Windows ME to running Windows 2000.
  10. Two Hard Drives but One Partition
    Making two hard drives appear as one.
  11. Windows Updates
    Downloaded updates are saved on your computer so that you shouldn't have to download them again.
  12. Port Access
    Transferring programs from DOS/Windows 95/98/ME to Windows NT/2000.XP/2003 will not work if the program tries to access hardware directly.
  13. Reinstall Without Reactivating
    Follow these steps to reinstall Windows XP without having to reactivate it.
  14. Compressed Files and Folders
    Why is the text label on some folders and files a different colour than others.
  15. Multiple Accounts
    What accounts do you need on a single user computer running XP.
  16. Adding Sound
    Windows NT does not always install sound automatically.
  17. XP Administrator Account
    Windows XP hides the administrator account by default, here's how to get it to show.
  18. XP Drivers
    Which driver versions may get old hardware to work with XP.
  19. Windows XP Home and Pro
    What are the differences between the two.
  20. Replace XP with 2000
    How to downgrade to an earlier operating system.
  21. Admin Password Reset
    What to do when you forget the administrator password.
  22. DOS and Windows XP
    Windows XP does not run DOS.
  23. Upgrading to XP
    Ways to convert to XP from 98 without losing your data.
  24. Reinstalling XP Without the CD
    What to look for on your system to be able to recreate the CD.
  25. NTFS Clusters
    How big are they.
  26. Playing Old Games on Windows XP
    How to set up old windows games so that they can run on a Limited account on XP.
  27. Why "Windows 7"?
    What else would Microsoft call the seventh release of their OS/2 operating system?
  28. Minimum Two Users
    No matter what version of windows you are running you should have at least two users defined.
  29. Replacing a Hard Drive Using Easeus
    This partition manager makes it easy to transfer the data from one hard drive to another if you need to replace it for some reason (eg. causing problems and about to fail, or simply to use a bigger drive).
  30. Wrong Install Instructions
    Not all programs come with install instructions that properly take security into account. Some simply ask that you turn off all your security to make it easier for them to install.
  31. Changing the Default Install Folder
    If you want to install your application software to a different drive or partition to your operating system then you can change where the default install folder is.
  32. Speaker/Headphone Switching
    To swap between speakers and headphones normally involves a series of difficult to remember mouse clicks. Here's how to reduce it to two clicks.
  33. I Don't Want to Upgrade to Windows 10
    Ways to turn off the upgrade link either temporarily or permanently.
  34. Running Apache on Windows 10
    Windows 10 by default assigns port 80 to IIS. Here's how to reallocate it to Apache.

If you have a different NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8 install question please ask Felgall.

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