Command Line and Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Running DOS commands at the Windows NT/XP Command Prompt
    How to run DOS commands on windows NT/XP.
  2. Windows NT/XP Command Reference
    A list of all of the windows NT/XP commands.
  3. Using the Windows Key on your Keyboard
    Special keyboard shortcuts using the windows key.
  4. Converting to NTFS
    Converting a FAT partition to NTFS.
  5. Removing NT/XP from a Dual Boot System
    How to uninstall windows NT but still retain access to another operating system on the same computer.
  6. Backing up Logs in Batch
    How to back up the log files.
  7. Removing the Other Operating System from a Dual Boot
    Keeping NT but removing the other operating system from a dual boot system.
  8. Remote Printing from a DOS Program
    How to print from the command line to a remote printer.
  9. Creating a Dummy File
    How to create a dummy file of a specified size in Windows XP.
  10. Using Wide Monitors Effectively
    Windows 7 shortcut keys that will make a window exactly half the width of your screen.

If you have a different NT/2000/XP command or shortcut question please ask Felgall.

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