Windows NT/2000/XP Services

  1. Default Services
    A list of services Windows NT runs by default.
  2. Starting and Stopping Services
    How to start and stop services in NT.
  3. Scheduling Jobs
    How to schedule programs to run at a specific time.
  4. Running at Startup
    How to get programs to run when windows NT starts.
  5. The NT Boot Process
    How does windows NT start itself up.
  6. The Windows XP Firewall
    How to activate the Windows XP firewall.
  7. Updating Service Properties
    What access is required to update service properties?
  8. Unwanted Services
    Your computer may be running slower than necessary because it is running services in the background that you don't need.

If you have a different question about NT/2000/XP services please ask Felgall.

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