Opening an 80 x 102 OS/2 Command Window

Normally when you open an OS/2 window on your screen you see the entire window at once. This means that the window size is based on the resolution that you are running your screen at and you are limited to something between 24 and 50 lines of text on the screen. Given the large volumes of data that modern computer systems are expected to handle, even fifty lines of output can be a small window into whatever it is you are looking at.

By making a minor modification to the definition of your OS/2 window, you can increase the number of lines that are contained within the window to as high as 102 lines. This will mean that you will get a vertical scrollbar on your window but being able to scroll up and down through the last 102 lines of output can be far more convenient than having to rerun a command because the output has just rolled off the top of the screen.

To increase the number of lines in your OS/2 window, right click on the icon and open the settings notebook. The change that you need to make is to the parameters field. To increase the number of lines in your window to 102 type the following value into the parameters field and then click on the OK button to apply the change.

/K MODE 80,102


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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