Creating your own Desktop Scheme

To create your own scheme (or theme) in OS/2 go into the Templates Folder and select the Scheme Palette template. Drag this template to the place where you want to store your new scheme and drop it there. The new scheme will initially contain the same schemes as the default palette. The next step is to modify one or more of the schemes in the new palette.

To edit your schemes, double click on the new scheme palette to open it. Select the scheme that you wish to modify and then select the Edit Palette button to display the edit scheme dialog window. Presumably the first thing you will want to do is to update the Scheme title field to give the scheme a meaningful name.

edit scheme dialog window

To update the colours and fonts used by the scheme, you can either click on the part of the scheme that you want to change in the sample window or select from the Window Area list. One or more of the Edit Color, Edit Font, and Edit Background buttons will be selectable depending on which part of the scheme you have selected.

You can select a sound scheme to associate with this palette scheme but that scheme must have been created separately before you link it to the palette scheme.

Finally there are fields allowing you to change the horizontal and vertical border widths, a transparent colour option that allows you to correct the background behind icons if Desktop Icon Text Background or Folder Icon Text Background is selected so as to contrast the text associated with icons, and finally a visible text option allowing you to turn off icon text.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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