Adding to Menus

The easiest way to make your most used applications accessible from a given folder is to add entries for the applications to the right click menu associated with the folder itself.

To do this you first right click on the folder and select Settings or Properties from the menu (depending on which version of OS/2 you are using). Next select the Menu tab.

A cascade menu is one that opens a sub-menu while a conditional cascade also has a default entry that will be used if the main entry is selected. If you want to create one of these then press the Create Another button next to the Available Menus list to start adding your new sub-menu to the menu. This brings up a new dialog box to allow you to enter the required details. Enter the Menu Name for your new menu item and select a Menu Type. Next press OK to save the entry.

To create a menu item entry within a cascade menu first select the menu from the Available Menus list. Next press the Create Another button next to the Actions on Menu list to add a new item. This brings up the new item dialog box which allows you to supply a name for the entry in your menu. You can then use the Find Program to locate the program that you wish to associate with the menu item. Finally press OK to save the entry.

You can now exit from the Settings/Properties notebook and test your new menu entries.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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