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Question: I run windows 2000 on my laptop already. I recently acquired os2 version 4 software and have need to use it once in a while. presently I boot from a floppy drive and run the small program straight from a command prompt. I have the os2 loaded in a pcmi flash card and it works ok. What I would like to do, is boot and automatically run my program from a cd. Is this possible?

Answer: The actual boot files on a CD are the same regardless of what operating system you run since the computer looks for the boot files before knowing what operating system you are booting. Copy all of the OS/2 files from the floppy and flash card into a folder on the computer ready to burn to the CD and then set up the appropriate additional files to start the OS/2 boot process running. The entire content of the folder can then be burned to a CD to create a self contained setup.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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