Cancelling the Registration Reminders

Chances are that at some stage you will want to reinstall OS/2, probably because you have upgraded your computer and want to move the operating system across.

When you install OS/2 there are a number of steps on the end of the install process where you need to enter a lot of information about yourself in order to create the registration form that you send off to IBM. Of course you already filled this out the first time that you installed OS/2 and don't want to waste time filling out the form again (since you're already registered) so you skip these steps.

The problem is that your OS/2 installation now thinks that you are not registered (even though you are) and will prompt you every so often to fill out the registration details.

Locating the ART - Inventory You don't have to spend the time filling out the registration details again in order to print them out and throw them in the bin. There is an easier way to remove the registration prompt.

What we need to do is to Uninstall the ART - Inventory from our OS/2 installation.

To find this go into the drive where you installed OS/2 and then go into the following folders in turn each of which can be found within the previous folder:

  1. OS/2
  3. Installed Features
  4. Install Object - Inventory

This last folder has a blue and red box icon in place of the more usual folder icon. You can do all this from within the one window if you open the drive in Tree View.

Double click on ART - Inventory in order to open it. There are a number of buttons across the window the first of which is Uninstall. Below these buttons is a horizontal line and below the horizontal line is a list of the contents of this inventory. Next to each item in the inventory is a checkbox. What you need to do next is to select the checkbox next to ART - Inventory which is the top (or only) entry in this list. Once you have done this you can click on the uninstall button and the registration reminder screen will never be seen again.

ART - Inventory - Tree View


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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