Dual Booting OS/2

Question:My PC have two physical hard drives. Primary Master hard drive has Windows 95. I want to install OS/2 to Secondary Master. It's FAT format. I want to let Windows manager the dual boot. How can I achieve this?

Answer:Windows, unlike other operating systems, doesn't like the idea of co-existing with other operating systems on the same computer. Therefore windows doesn't have a dual-boot capability. Windows NT/2000/XP can dual boot but only with other windows versions.

To dual boot Windows and OS/2 you will need to do one of two things.

For more info on drive partitioning see my page on partitioning which also has a link to a free partitioning tool/boot manager that you may be able to use. I have used it to change partition types but haven't used it for resizing partitions or as a boot manager as I have Partition Magic which provides a much easier to use interface than the free program does.

I recommend taking a backup of everything on your system before you start changing anything just in case something goes wrong. This applies regardless of which option you wish to take.

The other thing I would recommend that you do is to convert the OS/2 partition to HPFS when you perform the OS/2 install unless you require for windows to be able to write to that drive. There are hpfs drivers available that can be installed on Windows allowing it to read (but not write to) hpfs drives.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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