Swapping Between Operating Systems

Question: I am working with some software that runs on OS/2. I want to switch between OS/2 and Windows when I am running my computer. Can you help me by suggesting software that do this for me?

Answer: There is a boot manager that comes with OS/2 version 2 that can be installed in a separate partition and if you set that as the boot partition then you can select which operating system that you want to run.

In version 4 the boot manager was replaced by one that can be installed on any FAT16 partition and which can therefore share the partition with any operating system that will run on that file format..

A better alternative for use with more modern versions of Windows such as Windows XP and later is to have Windows installed as the main operating system on the computer. You can then install the Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 if you are running Windows XP or Vista or Windows Virtual PC for Windows 7. You should then be able to install your chosen version of OS/2 within that virtual PC and run your OS/2 programs from there. Simply clicking with the mouse within that window will swap you from Windows to OS/2 and pressing the right ALT key at any time will switch you back.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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