Keyboard Shortcuts

Most people use their mouse to control their OS/2 session. Most of the things that can be done with the mouse can also be done with the keyboard. The following are some keyboard combinations that you may find useful.

Where multiple keys are separated by a + symbol it means you need to hold down the first key while tapping the second in order to achieve the indicated effect.

spaceSelect current object
Enteropen an object or select a menu entry
EscRemove window or cancel mouse action
Alt + EscSwitch to next window or full screen session
Ctrl + EscDisplay list of open windows
Shift + Esc
Ctrl + space
Display title bar popup menu
DelDelete an object
HomeSelect first choice
EndSelect last choice
Alt + backspaceUndo
Alt + Shift + TabMake the desktop active and hide all open windows
F1Display help
F2Display general help (help system only)
F3Either refresh screen or exit (depending on program)
Alt + F4Close active window
F6Switch window panel
Alt + F6Swap between active and help windows
F7Switch to buttons or back within help and view
Shift + F8Switch between single and multiple selection
F9Display keys help (help system only)
Alt + F9Hide active window
Shift + F9Edit object title
F10Switch to menu bar
Alt + F10Maximize active window
Shift + F10Display popup menu for selected object
F11Display help index (help system only)
Alt + InsCreate an object in the clipboard
Ctrl + InsCopy to the clipboard
Shift + Inspaste from clipboard
Ctrl + \Deselect all objects
Ctrl + /Select all objects

In addition to the above, you can also select menu options by pressing the underlined key. You can also change which object or menu entry is selected using the arrow keys.

One combination that is well worth knowing is how to shut down your OS/2 system properly without using the mouse (just in case your mouse stops working mid session). To do this you first press Alt + Shift + Tab to get to the desktop. Next you press Ctrl + \ to deselect all objects on the desktop then Shift + F10 to display the desktop menu from which you can select the shutdown option either using the arrow keys or by pressing D.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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