Selecting a Find Program

OS/2 offers some flexibility as to how you configure your system. One of the options that you have the ability to change is the program that runs when you click on the find button in the Warpcentre.

By default, the find objects window is opened when you click this button but although OS/2 has some nice features, this is not one of them. If you have a third party find program then you can link that program to the find button but if you don't all is not lost. OS/2 being the flexible operating system that it is actually comes supplied with more than one find program built into the operating system. One program that works much nicer than the find objects window for finding files for you is the Seek and Scan Files program and so we can link this program to the find button in place of the default.

So how do we substitute our choice of find program for the default? Well all you need do is to add a statement like the following statement to your config.sys file (just substitute the appropriate drive letter for where you have OS/2 installed in place of D: or if you have a third party find program then specify the complete path and filename of that program in place of the one shown):


Once you have done this and rebooted your system you will be able to use the find button in the Warpcentre to run the program that you have selected in place of the default one. You could even substitute a program that performs a different function instead of a find program if you prefer.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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