Accessing Folders from the Warpcentre

There are a number of buttons on the warpcentre (particularly those in the system tray) which open cascading lists of folders on your computer which you can navigate through in order to get to the program that you require.

Whenever you left click on an entry in one of these menus that is a program, the program will run. Whenever you left click on an entry in one of these menus that is a data file the associated program will run using that data file. Whenever you left click on an entry in one of these menus that is a folder the menu will cascade to display a sub-menu showing the folder contents.

You can tell which menu entries are folders because they are the ones with an arrow at the right of the menu entry.

Adding such menus to the warpcentre makes it very easy for you to access all of your programs simply and easily from the warpcentre. What is not so obvious is how you can access the folders that are contained in these menus directly rather than just opening a list of the folder contents.

The answer is fairly simple. Instead of left clicking the folder entry (which will cascade the menu), you right click on the entry. This will open the associated folder directly instead of displaying the folder content as a sub-menu.

What use is opening the folder when you have access to the entire folder content through the cascading menu anyway? Well when you finally select an entry from that sub-menu to start the associated program the entire cascading menu sequence disappears and if you want to access another entry in the same folder you have to navigate the entire cascading menu over again. If you open the folder then you can select as many entries as you want from that folder one after the other and the folder stays open. Also, the only thing that you can do directly from the menu is to run a program or open a data file in its associated program. If you want to move, copy, delete, or perform any other action on the file then you need to open the folder that contains the file in order to be able to select the appropriate action.

Oh, there is one thing that you can do other than running a program when you select it from the menu. If you hold down the Ctrl key when you left click on an entry, the properties notebook for the file (or folder) will be opened instead.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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