Adding Entries to the System Tray

The system tray in the warpcentre is a convenient place for you to put links to all of your programs so that they can be accessed quickly and easily whenever you need them. The programs that you access most frequently can be added directly to the system tray and you can set up your own cascading menus of programs that you access less frequently.

To add a program directly to the system tray you open the folder containing the program. All you need to do then is to left click on the program icon and drag it to the system tray. A button will be automatically added to the system tray that will start that program.

Adding a menu to the system tray takes slightly longer but is not really any harder. What you do is to create a folder in a convenient location and create shadows of all of the programs that you want in the menu into that folder. If you go into the Programs folder on your desktop you will find a number of such shadow program folders already set up so if the one you want isn't here this is as good a place as any to create it. You can then update the folder properties to change the icon associated with this folder to something that will make easier to identify which folder it is. Finally you left click on the folder and drag it to the system tray to add a menu of the programs and folders that it contains to the system tray. The button that is created will use the same image as the icon for the folder which is why you should change it from the standard folder icon.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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