Installing Another Operating System

Question: I am running OS/2 warp in my machine. I want to create a partition from OS/2 ( using FDISK ) and install dos/windows PE in to that newly created partition and make that is default operating system when I restart my machine. How can I do that?

Answer: In FDISK first create new primary partition (C: drive) and then set that as the active partition. Exit FDISK and reboot with the floppy or CD for the new Operating System in the drive to install normally. If you have a boot manager installed then use FDISK to change the active partition back to the boot manager and change the default in that. (How depends on which one you are using).

While most operating systems (including OS/2) recognise that there may be multiple operating systems installed on the computer and so leave system settings such as the partition types and boot managers alone when they are installed, Windows has a tendency to assume that you want it to be the only operating system on the computerand will often change things that prevent the other operating systems and boot manager from being able to function correctly until you manually change those things back to the way they were before. The changes that Windows makes in these situations is not needed in order for Windows to be able to run, it simple breaks the functionality of the multiple boot and alternative operating systems.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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