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This online PDF conversion program may work for some PDFs but the first one I tried it with generated junk. Still the service is free so if you want to try to convert a PDF into an editable format (and there are several options other than Word) then it is at least worth a try.

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This online converter is produced by the same people who created NitroPDF which is one of the better PDF editors that you can buy so I would have expected the converter to do a reasonable job and perhaps it would have if I had given it a PDF that was generated from a document on the computer in the first place rather than one that was scanned in and was still basically images. The issues with the conversion arose because the converter attempted to convert some of the image content to text and was unsuccessful in doing so. In this case a better result would have been to simply leave each page as an image. That wouldn't have assisted at all in being able to edit the content of the pages but would at least have retained the integrity of the document.

I decided to try again with a different document - this time one that had been generated on the computer instead of being scanned. This second document refused to convert at all as the file size was slightly over 5Mb.

For my third test I located a computer generated PDF that was under 5MB. This ran through the converter and I soon had a Word document to look at that I hoped might contain editable versions of the pages. I was extremely disappointed. If I had thought that the mess this converter made of my first conversion was bad then this one basically returned a completely unusable jumbled mess.

As I said at the start, this converter is at least worth a try - you might get lucky and get something meaningful back if the PDF you give it has a simple enough structure.

Try out PDF to Word.

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