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This is a very basic program for creating PDFs. If that is all you need then this program might meet your needs but if you can print to PDF then you can create far more complex PDFs using just about any other program.

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The name of this program is slightly misleading. The program cannot open existing PDFs for editing, it can only edit those PDFs you have created with the program and where the source for the PDF is stored in the programs own custom format. This does not mean that the program is completely useless, it just means that you can only use it where you are creating the PDF in the program at the start.

The program does have many of the features you'd expect of a PDF editor at least in terms of those for manipulating the content of a PDF. Obviously all the export to another format options are missing as you wouldn't use this program if you wanted to convert a PDF to a different format.

The program has a full set of edit options for inserting text, images and shapes into the PDF as well as being able to add, delete and change the size of pages. There are also options for changing the font size and also to select between a (very limited) range of fonts

Download Free PDF Editor.

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