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This is a free web site for converting PDFs to Excel so is worth a try for one off conversions.

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This online service allows you to upload a PDF to be converted to Excel. The converted file will then be emailed to you. The first thing I noticed with this service was that the actual option for uploading your PDF was hidden behind another form. To actually use the service you first need to close that other form so that the main form is visible.

Using the form (once you can see it) is simple enough. Just select the PDF to be converted, supply an email address and press the submit button.

You will then be advised how long to expect before you will get the converted file emailed to you. This is accompanied by an ad for their downloadable conversion software with the suggestion that using that will mean that you don't have to wait. Just in case you missed seeing the ad you will also receive an email almost immediately containing the same ad - that at least tells you they have the right email address to send the converted file.

Note that while this free service is a bit pushy with the ads, the product they are advertising is one of the best PDF to almost any other format converters that you can buy so if you are planning on doing lots of conversions then it is well worth considering - see Able2Extract PDF Converter 10 for my review of that product.

Once the conversion is finally complete you get an email to a web page where you can download the file. It then suggests that you share on social media while waiting for your file to download.

So what were the results? Well I wasn't that impressed. The conversion had split up most of the columns correctly but it appeared to have great difficulty with the addresses. What was supposed to be one column for suburb, state, postcode had two columns allocated to it in the output file and it was pot luck as to which of the two columns the data landed in. In some cases the postcode ended up split off in a column by itself. The file would take a significant amount of work to reorganise the data correctly to fix that column (something you can do before converting if you use their desktop software). On subsequent pages it got worse with this data being split over three columns on some pages so that the subsequent columns no longer lined up between pages.

Try out Free PDF to Excel Converter.

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