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For converting PDFs to other formats this program is at least as good as any I have seen and it caters for more formats.

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This program can both create PDFs from other documents and convert PDFs into a wide range of other formats (more than I have seen in any of the competitor products I have looked at. For converting other documents to PDFs there are all of the tools you'd expect including being able to rearrange the pages, rotate pages and even to encrypt the PDF (so that most other PDF programs will apply restrictions on what can be done with the PDF).

It is for converting the other way that this program stands out from the rest. While it does not necessarily do a perfect job of conversion with the default settings, most of the conversions have the ability to change the settings so as to achieve a better result. For example when extracting a PDF containing columns of data the program may not correctly identify where the columns are in the PDF but it provides the option to manually change the columns prior to generating the Excel document. With the encrypted PDF report that I tested the Excel conversion with the program was able to create an Excel copy of the document with only slight adjustment of the columns first and it completely ignored the PDF encryption.

I tested the Word, PowerPoint, Open Office and HTML conversions using a newsletter. In each case the conversion was very close but there were a few places where the colour of the border around the content became the background colour for the entire block making the heading that used that same colour completely unreadable. It appears that getting this right is not easy as I have seen other PDF conversion program s have the exact same problem. Another minor problem was that with multiple columns of text the text in some cases ended up extending slighly beyond the right border. With the HTML conversion you get both an HTML file and a folder containing all of the extracted images (with the HTML full of in page CSS and everything position:absolute so as to make the page look as close as possible to the original regardless of the browser configuration).

I was going to see if the Publisher conversion also had the same overflow problem or whether it was able to use kerning to correct it but I discovered that I had not transferred my copy of Publisher the last time I swapped computers and now I can't find what I did with the install disk. What I did discover is that the Publisher conversion relies on using at least one of the files from Publisher itself during the conversion and so I was unable to convert a document to Publisher format and then transfer it to another computer where I do have Publisher available in order to test it.

The autocad and image conversions create a separate file for each page of the original PDF. I was unable to see how good the autocad conversion was as I do not have a copy of the program but in this case the conversion was done without needing a copy of autocad.

For where the original PDF has been scanned in and therefore consists of an image of the page the converter provides an OCR option that will attempt to convert all of the content back into text. As with any OCR the accuracy of this will depend on the clarity of the original scan. In this case you can choose to retain any piece of the content as an image where the OCR is unable to figure out the text.

This program is ideal for anyone who wants to be able to convert PDFs to a variety of other formats.

Download PDF Converter Elite.

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