This program is ideal for converting one or two PDFs to Powerpoint without having to install a program on your computer.

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Using this converter is very simple. You go to the web page and drag and drop your PDF onto the page. You then enter your email address and submit the form. The page will then give you an estimate of when your Powerpoint file will be ready for download. You will then get an email confirming that your file has been submitted for conversion. Once the file has been converted you will receive a second email telling you it is ready. Simply click on the link in that email and it will take you to the page where you can download your Powerpoint file. You will receive a third email just under a day later advising you that the Powerpoint file is about to be removed (so you can download it then if you haven't done so before.

The test I ran involved a PDF of a magazine - which therefore had enough text and pictures in various combinations to give the converter a thorough test. The result wasn't perfect but it was very good. Almost all of the slides in the Powerpoint looked just about identical to the original pages in the PDF. The couple of exceptions had some of the text displayed slightly smaller with a resultant gap down the right side of that text. The actual text was still there, just slightly reduced in size. As a comparison, when I ran this same test using a desktop PDF program not primarily intended for converting file formats but which does have an option to do the conversion, those slides were missing all of the text - so presumably there was some issue with that particular text which this converter managed to handle better than at least some of the alternatives.

As this service is free to use, you may as well try it out for converting a PDF or two when you need to do such a conversion particularly if you don't have a desktop program that can do the conversion or your desktop program produces less than perfect results.

Try out PDFtoPoerpoint.

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