Perl Hacks

If you are not an advanced Perl Programmer then you probably wont understand the code that is in this book.

My Rating: halfnononono





I have had enough experience with programming Perl that I wouldn't class myself as a newcomer. Also with my extensive programming experience in many different languages I did not expect that I would ever come across a programming book dealing with any programming language that I wouldn't be able to understand even if I hadn't come across the language before.

This book is the one that proved this assumption wrong as I still don't have much of an idea as to what the codes offered in this book are all about. Some of the code samples offered in the book look like they may be useful for Perl programmers to know about but the presentation of the material is such that you probably need a fairly extensive knowledge of Perl to understand what this book is talking about in which case you probably know many of these "hacks" anyway.

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