Keyboard Shortcut Keys

The following are some of the short cut keys that are available in Photoshop 5. Presumably most (if not all) of them should also be available in other versions of Photoshop. (Except where indicated, Mac users should substitute the Command key wherever the CTRL key is mentioned below.)

CTRL+ASelect All (Select menu)
CTRL+BAdjust Colour Balance (Image menu)
CTRL+CCopy (Edit menu)
Shift+CTRL+CCopy Merged (Edit Menu)
CTRL+DDeselect (Select menu)
Shift+CTRL+DReselect (Select menu)
CTRL+EMerge Down (Layer menu)
Shift+CTRL+EMerge Visible (Layer menu)
CTRL+FLast Filter (Filter menu)
Shift+CTRL+Ffade (Filter menu)
CTRL+GGroup with Previous (Layer menu)
Shift+CTRL+GUngroup (Layer menu)
CTRL+HHide Edges (View menu)
Shift+CTRL+HHide Path (View menu)
CTRL+IAdjust Invert (Image menu)
Shift+CTRL+IInvert Selection (Select menu)
CTRL+JNew Layer via Copy (Layer menu)
Shift+CTRL+JNew Layer via Cut (Layer menu)
CTRL+KGeneral Preferences (File menu)
CTRL+LAdjust Levels (Image menu)
Shift+CTRL+LAdjust Auto Levels (Image menu)
CTRL+MAdjust Curves (Image menu)
CTRL+NNew (File menu)
Shift+CTRL+NNew Layer (Layer menu)
CTRL+OOpen (File menu)
Alt+CTRL+OOpen As (File menu)
CTRL+PPrint (File menu)
Shift+CTRL+PPage Setup (File menu)
CTRL+RShow Rulers (View menu)
CTRL+SSave (File menu)
Shift+CTRL+SSave As (File menu)
Option+Command+SSave a Copy (File menu - Mac only).
CTRL+TFree Transform (Edit menu)
Shift+CTRL+TTransform Again (Edit menu)
CTRL+UAdjust Hue/Saturation (Image menu)
Shift+CTRL+UAdjust Deaturate (Image menu)
CTRL+VPaste (Edit menu)
Shift+CTRL+VPaste Into (Edit menu)
CTRL+WClose (File menu)
CTRL+XCut (Edit menu)
CTRL+YPreview - CYMK (View menu)
Shift+CTRL+YGamut Warning (View menu)
CTRL+ZUndo (Edit menu)
CTRL+0Fit on Screen (View menu)
Shift+CTRL+0Actual Pixels (View menu - windows only)
Alt+Cmd+0Actual Pixels (View menu - mac only)
CTRL+]Arrange - Bring Forward (Layer menu)
Shift+CTRL+]Arrange - Bring to Front (Layer menu)
CTRL+[Arrange - Send Backward (Layer menu)
Shift+CTRL+[Arrange - Send to Back (Layer menu)
CTRL++Zoom In (View menu)
CTRL+-Zoom Out (View menu)
CTRL+;Hide Guides (View menu)
Shift+CTRL+;Snap to Guides (View menu)
Alt+CTRL+;Lock Guides (View menu)
CTRL+"Show Grid (View menu)
Shift+CTRL+"Snap to Grid (View menu)


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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