Assigning Function Keys in Photoshop 5

Question: I have Photoshop 5. Any idea how I redefine the F keys to my own personal preferences. It was easy on Photoshop 3 but I can't work it out on 5.
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Peter Hodge

Answer: You update the Function key definitions using the Actions Palette. If the Actions Palette isn't showing on your screen press F9 to display it. Next make sure that the palette is in standard mode. If the palette is not in standard mode, click the drop-down menu button (under the close button in the top right hand corner) and select Standard Mode.

Next select New Action from the drop-down menu and in the dialog box that appears, type in a descriptive name for the function in the Name field, select the function key you want to apply the action to from the function key drop down list, and assign your desired action to the key using the Set drop down list by clicking on My Actions and then Record. Now select Insert Menu Item and find the action that you want the function key to perform. Click OK and then Stop.

The function keys 1 through 9 are predefined to help, cut, copy, paste, and hide/show/update various palettes so you probably wont want to change those assignments but F10 and up are not initially defined and so are the best place to start.

Note that the Actions Palette does not exist in Photoshop LE so it is not possible to define your own actions to function keys unless you have the full version of Photoshop.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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