Photoshop CS6 Unlocked

This book doesn't pretend to be a general book on Photoshop. It is specifically intended for web designers and makes a useful reference for web designers wanting to use Photoshop to create or edit graphics for their web pages..

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The first thing to make clear is that this is not a general book about Photoshop, it is a book for web designers who want to use Photoshop for web design work. The first two chapters do provide a basic introduction to Phptpshop for those who haven't used it before (while assuming that they have managed to install it successfully first) but the rest of the book treats photoshop as a tool for achieving specific results to aid with web design.

The main part of the book has one chapter for each of the things that a web designer needs to be able to do with graphics and demonstrates how to achieve a variety of variations of those particular effects using Photoshop. There are chapters on creating buttons, creating backgrounds, working with text (for where you need text in an image or want to use an image substitution to ensure that the text appears a certain way)and two chapters on adjusting and manipulating images so as to get the appearance you want in the most suitable web format.

The last two chapters are perhaps the most interesting from a web design viewpoint with a chapter on how Photoshop can be used to assist you in designing a web site by taking the rough wireframe design that you already have worked out on paper and producing a properly proportioned version to show the client. The last chapter deals with a variety of advanced web specific graphics techniques including thumbnail generation, watermarking and animation.

Throughout the book the emphasis is on web design with Photoshop just being the means to achieve the particular result. This means that a lot of the information in the book may also be of some use to web designers using a different graphics program as the book explains how to achieve certain results that may in many cases also be able to be duplicated in other graphics software (although the options themselves may be arranged differently).

Overall this is a useful book for any web designer to own.

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