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This PHP script will generate nicely formatted emails based on fields posted to the script from a form. The script is a lot more advanced than most of the PHP mail scripts that I have seen elsewhere on the web. This script can handle any formatting associated with emails with both HTML and plain text. It also handles attachments as well as embedding images directly into the HTML emails. The following information tells you how to check that the script will run on your server, how to configure it, and what it can do.

Will it run on my server?

To be able to use this script you should first Check the Server to ensure that your host supports PHP. Next, try creating a php page containing the following text and see if you receive an email when you run the page (substitute your email address for If the email arrives (with subject of "test message" and content of "This is a test") then the script will work on your server.

<?php mail("","test message","This is a test"); ?>


Configuring the form to mail script need be done only once when you first install it on your site.

Calling the script

Attaching the form to mail script to a form on your web page is relatively straightforward. You just need to be aware of those form fields that have a special meaning to the script.

If you want to see for yourself something of what can be done with this form to email script please enter your email address into the following form and send yourself a sample email using the script. The free version of the script is attached to the email and a link to the advanced version of the script is also included.


There are a number of examples of how to use this form to mail script which demonstrate how it can be used to create a variety of different types of emails from simple plain text ones to combinations of text and HTML with attachments and embedded images.

How to obtain the script

Unfortunately, I have to try to fund the running of this web site somehow and so I have decided to charge a nominal amount for server side scripts such as the more advanced version of this one. You can download the simpler version at no charge but you will be missing out on all of the advanced formatting functions as well as html, attachment and embedded image support.

Use the following form to purchase the Advanced version of the Felgall Form to eMail PHP script that can handle all of the customizations described above for just $12.00 USD (Australian residents price is $12.00 AUD including GST). All purchases include 12 months free support including all updates to the script released during that time. If you have a valid discount code then enter it to purchase this script at an even lower price otherwise just leave the discount field blank, select the currency to make your payment and then press the buy now button. The script will be automatically emailed to you as soon as Paypal verifies your payment.

Before you purchase this script you should reread the above information to ensure that the script will work on your server. You can also test that the free version of the script will work on your server before purchasing the advanced version. As much of the code is common between the two versions you can be sure that the advanced version that you purchase will work correctly if the free version does. If you cancel at any point during the payment process, you will be returned to this page.

Software Licence

Please make sure that the email account that you supply to Paypal will accept emails with attached zip files from addresses at as otherwise your spam filtering may delete your purchase.

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This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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