Calling the Form to Mail Script

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The script is attached to a form by specifying action="email.php" method="post" in the form tag. All of the fields within the form (including hidden fields) will be passed to the email script for processing. The script has been designed to handle all of the fields that you pass to the script regardless of what names that you give them but a number of names have been assigned special meanings within the script. It is through the use of these special fields that you can define the format of the generated email.

The one field that your form must contain is one called replyemail. This field is used to set the from and reply-to addresses in the email.

All of the other special fields are optional and have default actions/values defined for them. The other special field names are as follows:

I actually have two versions of the form to mail script, one free (for non-commercial use) and one I ask you to pay for (which can also be used with commercial web sites). Those parameters marked (*) are only available in the paid version.

Get the script


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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