Email Languages

Version 3.4 of the Advanced Email Script introduces the ability to override the character encoding used by the email script in order to send emails in any language.

The default encoding is iso-8859-1 which supports most western European languages so those languages have always been supported by the script. Where you want to use a different character encoding for your emails sent with the script you have two choices.

To attach it to the form you need to add an input field to the form (unless you want the person filling out the form to be able to select the encoding this should be a hidden field). The name that you need to give to the field is f_ch and the value will be the character encoding value that you want emails from that form to use. For example to use a Japanese character encoding

<input type="hidden" name="f_ch" value="iso-2022-jp" />

Setting the encoding in an include file is even easier as all you need is $f_ch = "iso-2022-jp"; to set the character encoding. You can of course choose whatever character set you want in place of the Japanese one I have used in these examples.

Version 5.0 also introduces multiple language support for the error messages within the script itself making it even easier to integrate the script into sites using different languages.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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