Upgrading the Email Script

My email script like any computer program needs to be upgraded on occasion to fix problems with the script and perhaps to add functionality. There is no time limit for obtaining upgrades to the free version and 12 months of updates to the advanced version are also included in the purchase price.

Since I first published the script in May 2003 I have applied a number of fixes and enhancements as listed below. Except where specified the fixes/enhancements apply to both the free and advanced versions of the script. Current version numbers are:

Advanced Script only - Version two (22nd January 2004) code reorganized to move much of the code into four separate functions which can now be used separately (for example, if you want to develop your own processing for producing multiple emails from one form or even to generate emails without a form).
These functions are: create_mail_headers, format_mail_content, create_mail_body, and mail_send. See the readme.txt file supplied with the code for more information.

Advanced Script only - Version three (23rd August 2005) code reorganized to move all validation processing into two new functions. Validation has also been added to test for non-blank content in "mandatory" fields as well as being able to verify if mailboxes exist for the specified email addresses. Arguments for the existing functions have been modified as required. Also the configuration setup has been moved into a separate file. Finally, a separate test form page has been supplied to make testing and configuration of the script easier.

The free script has also been modified but only to move the configuration options to be consistent with the new advanced version.

The easiest way to implement these changes to your copy of the script is to download a new copy of the free script or resend the advanced script (you will need the item and invoice numbers from your original purchase to request a resend).


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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