Notebook Graphics Support

Question: Good day! I just got this notebook from my cousin, but last month I had a problem with it so I formatted the hard drive and reinstalled my OS. However, I got stuck to this 16-bit color. I don't know the label of my graphics card and I'm afraid to open it cause its a notebook. Is there a way for me to know my graphics card without opening my unit?

Answer: Look on the computer to find out what brand and model number that it is.

Next go to a search engine and search for the manufacturers web site.

On their site search for a page detailing the particular model. Provided that it is not too far out of date there should be a specification page there that gives details of the standard components in the computer that should tell you what graphics is used.

The site may also have the latest version of the driver available that you can download and install to fix your colour problem.

If you can't find this info on the manufacturers site then perhaps you may be able to obtain the information by emailing them.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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