Multiple Monitors

Question: I want to build or buy a computer to run multiple montitors. I want to run up to 4 monitors on my computer. I need to know what to get and why? then what is recommend for the exstend desktop feature with windows XP Pro I am going to be using.

  1. Due I need multiple video cards?
  2. if so will my mainboard allow that?
  3. can I get just one card and then plug into it with up to 4 monitors.

I really need to have all four with a different screen, of software.

Answer: Modern Windows operating systems support up to 2 monitors attached to either separate but compatible graphics cards or to a dual monitor graphics card.

To support more than two monitors you need special hardware. Usually the effect then is that a combination of 4 (or 9 or 16 or 25 etc) monitors are treated as all being part of the same huge monitor with part of the screen displayed on each.

You may be able to do something with Linux (or similar) to get 4 monitors displaying completely different things.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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