This is an example of software that has gone backwards in that the more recent versions are harder to install and can do less than earlier versions could. With finally having managed to install both versions 0.38.2 and 2.0.2 onto my computer the differences between the two versions became immediately obvious with the older version having far more features than the more recent version.

To start with the earlier version was far easier to install as it actually asked where I wanted it to install whereas the more recent version did not give a choice and so was far more difficult to install given that I don't install applications in the location that it wanted to install itself in and that install failed with a security error until I updated the registry to force it to install in the right place. I then had to change the registry back after the install so that it wouldn't break the installation of upgrades to other programs.

Both versions appear to have pretty much the same features with regard to displaying information from Twitter but differ in which of those options are initially set up by default. Where they do differ with respect to the posting options. The newer version allows you to define posts in advance and schedule when you want them to appear whereas the older version only allows immediate posts.

The other difference with respect to Twitter is that the newer version requires that you have a TweetDeck account as well as a Twitter account whereas a TweetDeck account is optional with the earlier version.

Twitter isn't the only social media that TweetDeck can interact with. Both versions allow you to display a list of posts from your Facebook account and also allow you to post to it as well. The earlier version also provides the same interaction for LinkedIn but that option has been removed from the more recent version. Neither version interacts with Google+ or any of the other recent social media sites.

So the one benefit that the newer version does have over the older one is being ale to schedule posts (presumably storing the information in your TweetDeck account until the scheduled time to post it). In all other ways the earlier version appears to be the better version being both easier to install and handling more social media sites.

Support would normally also be a consideration because software companies usually only support the latest one or two versions and so version 0.38 is no longer supported. In this instance the support provided for version 2 is so useless that you might as well ignore the support issue. In trying to install version 2 I contacted support several times for help. The first response was to ask three totally irrelevant questions and when I answered they closed my request. When I reopened the request and asked my question again I got an answer so ridiculous that it was obvious that the person answering had little knowledge of how computers worked. They then closed my request again without actually providing any help at all - just wasted my time.

So which of the two versions should you choose? If you don't need to be able to schedule posts through TweetDeck then the earlier version is the obvious choice as it is far easier to install and has more features (apart from the inability to schedule posts). Version one which came between these two versions suffers from the disadvantages of both of these two versions and so is not worth considering at all. version two is a real pain to install and has fewer features but is the only version that allows you to schedule Twitter posts - although there are plenty of other programs around that you could use to schedule posts without needing TweetDeck.

My Rating:

Version 0.38: yesyesyesyesno

Version 1: nonononono

Version 2: halfnononono


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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