5 Must Have Tools to Boost Your Work Productivity

Summer is here. You have been working hard all year and you deserve a break. It is a great time for a vacation. While enjoying your free time, for sure you will try to get your mind off work. But when you get back from holidays, you'll need to continue with everyday activities. Work continued without you, so you need to get on track with everything that happened while you were away.

A lot of work probably has piled up during your absence and it's now waiting to be completed. Your inbox is full, your notes are filled with information, and you calendar is packed with meetings schedules. Also, summer is almost over and you'll need to prepare for autumn. So much work, but not so much time. Since we live in a digital age, we can get some needed help. Luckily, there are a lot of tools that can make your tasks easier and make you more efficient. Here are five of them that can help you boost your productivity:

PDF to Word Converter

One amazing tool that helps you be more productive is Investintech's PDF OCR Converter. It can save you hours, by converting scanned PDF documents to completely editable Word files. In that way, you won't need to rewrite data from scratch. Not only it can convert documents of any size or number of pages, but it also does it with 100% accuracy. It has an integrated OCR technology that works like a charm and handles those high-quality conversions. If you try it you will love it.


It is probably hard to get back to work after vacation. We all have been there. You need to find the way to motivate yourself to get the job done. But it can happen you are doing the exact opposite, checking Facebook or randomly watching Youtube videos. And after some time you realize you haven't done any work. Here StayFocusd steps in and helps you stay focused only on important work-related tasks. It is restricting the amount of time you can spend playing around. You simply block sites that are time wasters and the work is done.


This is a tool that can actually make you more productive even when you are on vacation. Todoist is perfect for managing of all your tasks and projects with ease. It is more than a simple task management tool and we can prove it. With Todoist you can work from office but offline as well and even from home. It lets you organize your work and tasks in a manner that you find most convenient. It is important to mention that Todoist is available for 10+ platforms, including mobile devices, web, desktop and more. A perfect tool if you want to have all your work in one place.


If this doesn't help you be more productive at work, nothing will. A SaneBox is not just another email tool. It is more than a tool, it's your personal and professional email assistant. Since your inbox is probably full with emails that you have received while you were gone, it can help you filter all those unimportant and spammy messages. Sanebox analyses your entire inbox to see what kind of emails are relevant to you and by doing so, it's improving your email performance. At the end of a day, it really helps you boost your email productivity.


A perfect tool for making all those new meetings easier to handle. If you want to make scheduling meetings more efficient, this is a right tool for you. With Calendly, you can easily schedule your meetings and send invitations to all your colleagues. It is a nice productivity tool that gets all the people on the right track with agenda, date, time and place of a meeting. Since it eliminates emails and phone calls, you will save yourself a significant amount of your precious time.

So, what is the bottom line?

We believe that tools like these ones can really make you more productive and help you finish your tasks faster. We think you are now all set after your vacation, and you'll finish all your upcoming work in no time.


This guest article is copyright August 2016 - by Veronica Johnson
It is displayed here with the permission of the author.

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