Connecting IDE Devices

question: I am Trying to copy from one CD To another and I get a Message "Source And Destination drives are connected to the same IDE". How can I correct this? Please help.
Thankyou Charles Pater

Answer: Most computers these days have two IDE controllers built into the motherboard. These are referred to as Primary and Secondary. You can attach two IDE devices to each one as Master and one as Slave. Copying from a CR-ROM to a CD burner is much faster when one is on the Primary IDE cable and the other is on the Secondary . Whether they are Master or Slave doesn't matter. Your current setup appears to have one as Master and one as Slave on the same IDE cable. You can speed up your copy and remove the message you are getting by moving one device to the other IDE cable however the Primary IDE cable probably has your hard drive attached to it which is a much faster device than CD devices are. As both devices on a cable operate at the same speed, moving your CD to the primary will slow down your hard drive access. Even with the devices on separate cables you can still end up with the burner trying to burn faster than the information is being passed and then you get a buffer overrun and the burn will still be unsuccessful.

One way to fix this problem without changing your hardware configuration is to copy the CD to the hard drive first and then burn the new CD from that copy. This will allow the burn to take place much faster than trying to burn a direct copy even with the devices on separate cables.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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