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Microsoft Office does offer a provision named Scanpst with Outlook application to mend its data file, PST. However, in no manner does the utility support one of the most common reasons of disappointment faced by email users, permanent deletion of message(s). Outlook Recovery is a one click download and install program that is perfectly built to not only support the fixing of Outlook data file from damaging situations but also for restoring hard deleted emails from its storage. The review here will be talking about Outlook Recovery on the whole; however, restoration of permanently deleted emails will remain the prime attraction.

The Environment Used

For the testing and trial of Outlook PST recovery tool, we will be using a Windows 7 Ultimate OS edition of 32 bit system type. The system on which the processing will be carried out has an Intel Core i3 processor of 2.27 GHz. The RAM installed is of 2 GB out of which 1.87 GB is still usable.

Major Qualities Featured By Outlook Recovery

Hard Deleted Email Recovery

Though the application is built to repair corrupt/damaged Outlook Data File, PST but it also additionally offers deleted email restoration. The specialty of the application is that, it not only restores soft deleted email regardless of the time since it has been deleted. For a clear exemplification purpose, here are the two screens that explain the powerful restoration served by Outlook Recovery. When checked on Outlook, the profile had no emails in the Deleted Items. However, the same profile data file when processed on Outlook Recovery showed 71 messages restored in total with 3 folders also.

NOTE: The most important step that has to be executed for restoring permanently deleted emails is - selecting Advance Scan option before beginning the PST file scan procedure. This scan makes all the difference in the recovery and restoration of lost items in a PST file. Without using Advance Scan, one cannot get back deleted items.

Preview of Items Post Recovery

Items of all types, whether emails, calendars, contacts, or tasks can be previewed thoroughly right before extracting them into a healthy Outlook data file or any other format featured by the tool. The preview includes all email attributes, which can be reordered for arranging the emails in an ascending or descending manner for quick preview of desired message(s).

Apart from that, even contact fields and calendar entries can be previewed with complete details as it is using the respective preview pane provided for each component on the left panel.

All Item Recovery

Items of all types are recovered while an Outlook PST file is recovered. When a data file becomes corrupt not only does the email become inaccessible but, all data within the file does. And thus, the software ensures that any or all irregularities surfaced with the data or its components, is rectified for a complete recovery. The items recovered include:

Restoration to Multiple File Types

Extraction of items is amongst the top major features offered by the PST Repair Tool. The application primarily offers recovery of PST file and thus, the most common output must be PST type file. However, in addition to the storage of recovered items into a new PST file the software also provisions other file formats, i.e. EML and MSG.

EML is the single email format while MSG is the individual message storage file that belongs to Outlook. The software by providing extraction of recovered PST items (emails) into these file formats makes them platform independent too. EML format file is supported by a variety of email platforms widely and doesn't just limit to Windows but also to Mac OS. While MSG files are structured in HTML format therefore, making it easier to open the message in it without MS Outlook.


The software is built in such a manner that there are incomparable pros. However, following are some of the major ones that are worth mentioning:

  1. You can read PST files even if they are corrupt
  2. All items become readable along with emails
  3. Recovery from the major cases of corruption also feasible
  4. Restoration of permanently deleted email guaranteed
  5. The application comes with a freeware demo version for testing


The application is built perfectly considering user convenience as the primary concern. Nevertheless, the following flaws, though minor, if fixed can make the software more capable:

  1. Doesn't work independently and requires Outlook installation and configuration
  2. Generated export report doesn't offer much detailed information
  3. Preview of all attachment types is not supported by the application
  4. Doesn't support processing multiple Outlook Data Files at a time


The application is great on the whole but there is scope of improvement in its making which makes it lack at some minor points. However, neglecting that in front of the fabulous major fixtures provided by the application, the tool deserves a 9 on 10 as far as the potential and performance is concerned.


This guest article written by Clark Kent

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