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Anyone can create a web site. Businesses of course create web sites to promote their business but many individuals also create their own web site. An individual can create their own web site for many different reasons but they all basically come down to the fact that the person has something that they are interested in and has something that they want to say about their interest. They want to share what they know about their interest with whoever wants to read it.

Any web site that is set up by an individual that is not business related can be called a personal web site and the pages on that site we can call personal web pages. Personal web pages differ from business web pages because they reflect something about the individual who created them and their enthusiasm for the particular interest that they are trying to share. Business web sites are there to help the business make money. The other big difference is that businesses can employ people to create their web pages for them while a personal web page has to be created by the person themselves.

Just about everyone in the world has one or more things of interest to them and the easiest way that they can share that interest with others from around the world who have similar interests is to set up personal web pages that talk about that interest. For example, I have an interest in Model Railways and so I set up Steve's Railway Pages to share this interest with others. Of course the information I have on that site was written over a 20 year period (most of it predates the web). Any personal web site can be built up slowly and if you start now, who knows what you might have on the web in a few years time.

Not everyone can afford to buy commercial web design software to create their personal web pages and not everyone wants to spare the time to learn HTML and stylesheet coding to be able to create proper web pages themselves. Most people looking to create personal web pages look for alternate ways to quickly create web pages that will contain their content. How successful these personal web pages may be depends in part on just exactly which method that the individual chooses to use to create their pages and how close to following the proper standards that the resultant code ends up. Make the right choices on how to create your pages, where to put them, and let people know that they are there and you too can have a successful personal web site.

Presumably you have one or more things that interest you so why not set up your own personal web site to share that interest with others. The following tutorials in this series will look at the various alternatives that are available to get you set up on the web quickly and at no cost.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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