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If you are after website construction, maintenance, and/or hosting we now have package deals available.

Use this form to advise us of what computer work that you need to have done for you. Unless you are located in Sydney Australia all contact will need to be by mail and/or email (unless you are prepared to pay travel/accommodation expenses) so please provide sufficient detail in your initial request to enable us to properly estimate what the job will require and provide you with a quote to do the work for you (general requests that do not contain sufficient information will not be quoted on, we will just reply with a short email stating "please supply more information"). Depending on the nature of the work we may provide a fixed price quote, an hourly rate quote, or both.

If you are located in Sydney Australia then arrangements can be made for a consultant to visit you to gather the information we require instead of your having to send it to us be email. There will be a $AU100 charge for this visit - payable in advance.

Depending on the amount of work required, we may ask for a deposit to be paid before we start.

All work will be quoted in Australian and/or US Dollars.

All information supplied in order for us to provide a quote will be held in strictest confidence. Should we decide not to quote on a given job or should our quote not be accepted then all emails relating to the request will be deleted.


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Apologies to anyone unable to read the content of the anti-spam image but the amount of spam I have been receiving through this form is starting to swamp the legitimate emails. If you can't use the above form just send an email to the webmaster of this site containing the information about what you want a quote for.

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