Regular Expressions Cookbook

A very practical guide to regular expressions. A worthwhile addition to the library of anyone working with manipulating text.

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The authors of this book have a large amount of experience in using regular expressions with a wide variety of different languages. They demonstrate this with examples of regular expressions for many common elements you would use expressions with covering a range of different languages (of which JavaScript is one). Where you need to write your regular expression differently to cater for something that works differently in one language they explain why you need to do it that way.

Topics covered include validation and formatting, words, numbers, internet codes, and markup languages with all the obvious and some of the not so obvious elements having at least one regular expression examined that can be useful when working with that element in text content. They don't just give you the regular expressions though, they also explain why they are written the way they are and how they work along with any shortcomings of a particular expression compared to alternatives.

This isn't a regular expression reference, it is a practical guide to regular expressions that shows not only what regular expressions might be suitable for your needs but which also helps you to learn why certain expressions are coded in particular ways in order to achieve the most efficient processing.

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