Mastering Regular Expressions

The author really understands regular expressions and provides complete coverage on both how to use them and how they actually work. Some of the examples could have been better thought out though.

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There are quite a few different languages that support Regular Expressions and the author discusses all of them except for Javascript. While this key language has been omitted from the book much of what the book covers is still of great use to those who want to use Regular Expressions with Javascript although the information on which parts do and don't work in different languages only covers the other languages that support regular expressions.

Some of the examples that the author uses also demonstrate that while he has an in-depth understanding of regular expressions he does not understand HTML as several of his examples discuss such things as how to insert paragraph separators (something HTML doesn't have - it uses paragraph containers).

If you want a greater understanding of what can be done with regular expressions and how they work then this will be a really useful book for you to read.

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