RESTful Web Services Cookbook

A hands on book for anyone looking to get their web based applications working correctly.

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That this book is completely independent of any programming language is both a benefit and a disadvantage. It is a benefit because the information that the book is presenting is actually independent of the programming language used and can be implemented in whatever web based programming language that you want. The disadvantage comes in that you need to be able to work out how to apply the information presented in your chosen language. That shouldn't be too difficult though because once you know how your chsen hanguage generates HTTP requests the application should be straightforward. It's just a pity that the author didn't include an appendix showing a call in a number of different popular programming languages just to show how to complete the process of actually using the information in the book.

The book is well organised with each chapter covering a series of related "how to" tasks. There are also appendices explaining a lot of the terminology (for those unfamiliar with REST) as well as short but useful reference lists.

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