Build Your Own Web Site the Right Way using HTML & CSS (2nd Edition)

When the first edition of this book came out promoting the idea of not using HTML tables for layout was a big thing and the book really pushed that view. Now that it is accepted that the page should be set out using CSS the book doesn't go far enough in explaining the right way and if anything the way it describes is now considered to be the wrong way.

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When the first edition of this book came out the need to use tables in your HTML to do your page layout had not long ended with the death of the last popular browser that didn't support enough CSS to avoid it (Netscape 4). Since then it has become accepted that HTML tables for layout is wrong and the first edition of this book played its part in educating web authors on how to get away from using tables except for tabular data. Since then the idea of semantic markup in the HTML has become accepted practice. Unfortunately while the second edition of this book shows some examples using semantic markup it also contains a number of instances where it uses the wrong tags for marking up some of the content (which is exactly the same error as using tables for something not tabular but without the hype).

While this book comments on the books on HTML that were around several years ago showing you thew wrong way to mark up your web page, this second edition is the modern equivalent of those books showing you what is now considered to be the wrong way to write your code. The worst example of this is the fact that the author mentions the appearance of the pages in Internet Explorer but all the sample code is written in XHTML which Internet Explorer 9 and earlier do not support (at least Microsoft have said that they have no plans to introduce support for it in IE9, I suppose they could change their mind but IE8 definitely just offers the file for download because it can't display XHTML).

Perhaps they should substitute the word "Wrong" for "Right" in the title so as to give people a better idea of what they will find. Anyway why does the title refer to HTML (which does work in Internet Explorer) when there is no HTML whatsoever in the book. This could have been a good book but all the silly errors will just give beginners the wrong idea of how to write a web page - something the book was supposed to have been written to fix.

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