Super Scratch Programming Adventure

Scratch is designed to introduce young children to the basic concepts of programming - allowing them to create fairly advanced animations by simply dragging and dropping commands. This book is the ideal companion to the language using almost a comic book style presentation to explain to children how to use Scratch and also to give them a reason to want to use it.

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This is perhaps the most unusual book that I have reviewed. The major portion of this book consists of a comic style story mixed with diagrams showing the Scratch programming interface being used to generate animations directly related to the surrounding story. The couple of pages that are actually more conventional looking explain what the book is for and how to install Scratch on your computer (which is a very simple task which as the book claims is the most difficult thing that you have to do to use the book).

The main story breaks off at nine separate points to introduce the reader to Scratch programming. Each of these presents another programming concept which the reader needs to learn and use in order to build the program that will resolve the current problem that the story presents so that they can continue with the story. This presents basic programming concepts in a way where the reader will not even realise that they are learning. They will just be having a fun time reading/playing an interactive book/computer game. By the end of the book they will be in a position to be able to create their own similar interactive story having learnt many of the basics of computer programming.

As a way to introduce programming to young children the combination of the Scratch programming language and this book which introduces all the concepts of the language in a fun way will be hard to beat.

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