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Are you looking for a way to make it easier for your visitors to interact with your site?
If your site hosting supports PHP then the following scripts that I have written may help.

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Open the communication channels with this script which can capture the information entered in a form on your site and generate an email. This can be used both to allow your visitors to email you and also to allow them to send themselves an email with information you provide. The appearance of the generated email is completely under your control and it can be formatted with HTML and can have both attachments and embedded images. The script can even verify that the email addresses have mailboxes before sending the email.

Buy Now:$12.00 USD -Buy Now:$12.00 AUD -Tell me more

Password Protected Area

Set up a password protected area on your site using PHP and mySQL without having to write any PHP yourself. This toolkit contains all the scripts you need including login, lost password, join, protected page header, and administrator functions.

Buy Now:$88.00 USD-Buy Now:$88.00 AUD-Tell me more

Site Search

Provide your visitors with a quick way to search your site. All of the page titles, descriptions, and keywords are extracted into either a flat file or mysql database to speed the search process. There is also an administrator option that allows you to fully customize what you want searched. The results page(s) are template based.

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Paypal IPN

If you are selling items that are to be delivered electronically to the buyer then one problem that you have is to ensure that a buyer has immediate access to what they have paid for but only after their payment is received. If you add this script to your Paypal account then you can solve this problem by having the purchased items emailed to the buyer immediately when their payment is cleared (avoiding the need for a database). It even handles the delay with echeck clearance, automatically sending the email when Paypal clears the payment several days after the payment is first processed. The script can work with the Paypal shopping cart to process multiple items in one purchase or if you are selling individual items it allows you to offer discounts to anyone who has obtained a discount code from your advertising.

Includes free bonus membership to elistSecrets valued at $97.00 USD

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There is also an add-on to the code available to put the product and discount information into a database so it can be more easily maintained.

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This script provides you with an unusual alternative to the conventional guestbook and also provides you with information about where your visitors come from. Your visitors are presented with a map of the world and invited to click on the spot where they live and then attach their name and comment. The information they enter is stored in a mysql database.

Buy Now:$16.20 USD-Buy Now:$16.50 AUD-Tell me more

If the above scripts don't meet your needs then just ask for a quote and I can write a custom script for you.

All Australian Dollar prices are inclusive of GST.

Please make sure that the email account that you supply to Paypal will accept emails with attached zip files from addresses at this domain as otherwise your spam filtering may delete your purchase.

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