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Question: I see your solution for removing ALEXA is quite simple and straightforward. Is it really so easy as in other websites for removing this spyware it states how complicated and diffucuilt it can be? Long procedures usually follow and it is a bit of a put-off.

Answer: My instructions are for replacing Alexa related links with Google related links which has nothing whatever to do with spyware.

The Alexa related links is NOT spyware but some spyware scanners get it confused with the Alexa toolbar which is considered to be spyware. They therefore incorrectly list the Alexa related links option which is supplies standard in Internet Explorer and comes as part of your Windows operating system as spyware. The better spyware scanning software does not misidentify this harmless section of your Internet Explorer web browser as spyware.

The main reason for replacing the Alexa related results with the Google equivalent is that most people consider that the Google version finds more relevant related results to list when you click on the Related sites button at the top of the browser than the Alexa one does. Cleaning up an entry that shouldn't even be there in the spyware results list is only a minor concern and if you are happy with the related results that Alexa returns or don't use the related button at all then simply telling the spyware scanner to ignore this entry which it has mistakenly created is even easier and as appropriate as swapping the modules over is.

Removing actual spyware can be much more difficult than removing or replacing regular components of your system such as the related links and in some cases can be almost impossible. You are better off to be extremely careful as to what software you download and install on your computer in the first place. Most spyware can be clearly identified as such by doing a few quick searches for information about the program before you download it.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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