Mainframe Help

  • Problem Solving
    The other half of how to write programs.
  • General
    Loads of general information about mainframe computers and structured programming.
    COBOL programming references, tips, and techniques.
  • PL/1
    PL/1 programming references, tips, and techniques.
    Information about IMS databases, data communications, and recovery.
  • db2
    Information about db2 databases and Structured Query Language.
  • MVS
    Writing JCL for the MVS operating System.
  • TSO and ISPF
    The command line and panel interfaces.
  • CICS
    The interactive online environment for mainframes.

If you can't find what you're looking for here then check out these Programming Links.

Stephen worked with Mainframe Computers between the beginning of 1980 and 2001 and so acquired quite a lot of specialized and general information about mainframe systems. Mainframe platforms and languages used include DOS/VSE, CMS, MVS, COBOL, PL/1, IMS, db2, DATACOM, IDMS, CICS and many others.

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