Mainframe - General

  1. Defining a structured Program
    What 'structures' are used in structured programming?
  2. ASA Print Control Characters
    What values can be placed in a mainframe report control character field?
  3. Which JCL?
    There are a number of different operating systems on the mainframe all of which use different JCLs.
  4. Moving Processing to a PC
    Transferring processing from a mainframe onto PCs
  5. Buffering and Blocks
    Some info about buffering and blocks.
  6. Database Normalization
    The six different normalizations to apply during database design.
  7. Recorda and Blocks
    What is the difference.
  8. CI and CA
    How are they related.
  9. Segloop
    This Telon feature makes handling repeating groups on a screen easy to handle.
  10. Mainframe Error Codes
    What exactly are S0C1 S0C4 and S0C7?
  11. Code Craft
    A "must read and apply" book for all programmers whatever language you use.
  12. What is a mainframe?
    Mainframes are probably the topic that I get the most questions asked in which are not about mainframes. Someone though was actually considerate enough to actually ask what a mainframe is before mis-posting their question. Here's my answer.

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