1. Data Field Definitions
    How to define the data fields in your COBOL program.
  2. Procedure Division Statements
    A list of the commands you can use in COBOL programs.
  3. Reserved Words
    Words that have special meanings in COBOL.
  4. Copy Books
    You can do parameter substitutions in common copy books.
  5. Field Initialization in Called External Modules
    Fields are initialized when the COBOL program starts, unless you tell it otherwise.
  6. Converting Upper to Lower Case
    Converting between upper and lower case in COBOL.
  7. Right Justifying
    How to make a field right justified.
  8. Difference between RENAMES and REDEFINES
    What is the difference between renames and redefines in COBOL.
  9. Copy Books
    The COBOL way of including external code modules.
  10. Internal and External Sort
    What the difference is between them.
  11. Numeric Formats
    What do COMP, COMP-1 etc actually mean.
  12. Reusing Copybooks
    How to use the same copybook multiple times in the same program.
  13. Number Formats
    Which is more efficient - COMP or COMP-3?

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