1. Built-in Functions
    A list of functions built into PL/1.
  2. PL/1 Interrupts
    How to use interrupts in PL/1
  3. PL/1 Statement Reference
    A list of all of the commands available in PL/1.
  4. PL/1 Oncode Built-in Function
    How you can use PL/1 'oncode' functionality.
  5. Concatenate and logical OR
    What | and || mean in PL/1.
  6. Internal Sort
    What's the difference between the four different built-in sort functions.
  7. PL/1 Syntax problem
    How to test for a field containing one of several values most effectively.
  8. Size Errors and Overflows
    What is the difference between these two similar sounding errors.
  9. Truncated Numbers
    If you lose precision during the calculation the result may not be what you expect.
  10. Different Length Redefinitions
    Why the longest version should be the one that you redefine.

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